The language makes use of an adapted and expanded model of the Latin alphabet. Because Polish has many sounds that were absent in Latin, many diacritics and combos of letters were designed to characterize them. It is spoken primarily in Poland and serves as the native language of the Poles. In addition to being the official language of Poland, it is also utilized by Polish minorities in different nations. There are over 50 million Polish audio system around the globe – it’s the sixth-most-spoken language of the European Union. Polish is subdivided into regional dialects and maintains strict T-V distinction pronouns, honorifics and various types of formalities when addressing people.

For instance, Polish makes use of the letter l, which is pronounced like an English w. Polish additionally uses many clusters of consonants, and diacritical marks—that is, indicators used with letters to indicate pronunciation or which means. Polish grammar, compared to English, can additionally be very tough.

  • You can now learn the e-book , hearken to the audio and apply your pronunciation all on the similar time.
  • In 2016, I began learning Ukrainian which is nearer to Polish than Russian.
  • Today, Polish is spoken by roughly 38 million folks as their first language in Poland.
  • The Polish language as we know it today began to take form across the tenth century, when Poland began to turn into a distinct state.
  • Memrise is another useful resource that’s nice for novices, and it also fills in some gaps that programs like Duolingo can’t.
  • Travelers to Poland may find the phrases sections particularly helpful, as nicely as the 1-12 numbers games and the generally used phrases sections.

Because of this, many words of Latin origin have seeped into the language. I even have no linguistic reference to again this up — solely my own instinct and the stories of other language learners. However, I suppose that our brains are only capable of holding a fixed quantity of linguistic complexity.

In modern occasions, it also borrowed heavily from English, so somehow you will acknowledge some words, with minor spelling difference. For example, the suffix “-tion” has been changed by “-cja” for singular and “-cje” for plural. So they now have “konotacje” for connotations, “recepcja” for reception and “dewastacja” for devastation.


The Polish language has a quantity of dialects but they’re extra just like each other than most other European languages. There are small differences, however all audio system can perceive each other, and non-native speakers typically can not discover the variations. In the final 10 lessons, you’ll be speaking and understanding at an intermediate degree. In this part, extra directions are given within the Polish language, which strikes your learning to an entire new aircraft. Lessons embrace purchasing, visiting friends, going to a restaurant, plans for the night, automobile trips, and speaking about household. You’ll be able to converse comfortably about things that happened up to now and make plans for the future.


This just isn’t something you’ll have to fret about when learning the Polish language. Most words sound precisely the way in which they are written, with very few exceptions. [newline]So, you’ll be ready to start studying the language in a very brief time. Pimsleur is a superb useful resource for learning a ton of different languages. It presents each male and female audio system and tons of audio content material throughout all languages.

But, these are fairly comparable and the one distinction is a slight accent. This meant a forced migration of Polish families to affix Poland. A movement of this size within a rustic meant that dialects blended collectively.

Large immigrant communities that talk this West Slavic language are also clustered within the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Learning Polish must begin by buying an understanding of Polish basics and sounds. [newline]Polish pronunciation is fairly constant, most commonly with words that place stress on the second syllable. With a quantity of exceptions, Polish is phonetic, which means most Polish words are pronounced with sounds that correspond to the way the phrases are spelled.

If you wish to learn Polish in a enjoyable and simple method – I’m here that will assist you. Cooking some conventional meals is a tasty approach to immerse yourself within the Polish language and tradition. Reading is an important skill and takes time to study, so make certain to use a dictionary as you begin. Polish will be your pathway to some of the fascinating cultures in the world. From music and literature to arts and cinema, Poland is the place of origin of such distinguished figures as Adam Mickiewicz, Jan Matejko, and Frédéric Chopin. Speaking Polish is a method to join with this excellent European heritage.

I’ve never fairly gotten around to it, although, and I am undecided why. Perhaps I concern that learning the language wouldn’t yield up the secrets I search, in spite of everything. Or perhaps I suspect that some mysteries are better left unsolved.